• Urbanization Passes the Prichett Test

    By Paul Romer

    Policy-induced changes in the urban share of the population could have big effects on GDP per capita and could operate on a scale that affects the quality of life for billions of people.


  • Talkin' bout a revolution

    In a meeting Alain Bertaud organized at NYU last week to talk about urban transportation, it soon became clear that words were getting in the way. We need a new vocabulary to talk about new possibilities.


  • Mathiness in the Theory of Ecconomic Growth

    by Paul Romer

    The style that I am calling mathiness lets academic politics masquerade as science. Like mathematical theory, mathiness uses a mixture of words and symbols, but instead of making tight links, it leaves ample room for slippage between statements in natural versus formal language and between statements with theoretical as opposed to empirical content.


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