• Urbanization as Opportunity

    By Brandon Fuller and Paul Romer

    Governments in the developing world can take advantage of urbanization by implementing strong but narrow plans for urban expansion, relying on imports of government services, and creating urban startups that can spur reform.


  • The Urbanization Project

    The NYU Stern Urbanization Project harnesses the growth of cities to speed up global progress. The world’s cities will add more people in the 21st century than during all of human history to date. Never before have cities and the policy choices therein been more important.


  • Charter Cities

    New Cities. More Choices. Better Rules.

    Led by Paul Romer, the Charter Cities initiative focuses on the potential for startup cities to fast track reform. By building new cities in special zones, countries can leverage the ongoing wave of urbanization, generating new options for reform-minded leaders and new choices for families in search of better places to live and work.


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