Blogging and Tweeting

Why do I go back and forth between periods of active blogging/tweeting and periods of silence?

Sometimes I have an idea I want to explore. Digital media can be a good way to start a conversation akin to those that we used to have only in the physical space of the seminar room.

But in these conversations, one has an obligation to listen to what others say and be ready to respond. In physical space, we alternate between time spent in the seminar room and time back to the office where we write or read. Going quiet on digital media is my way of “closing the door.”

Could I alternate back and forth as frequently as I do for seminars, e.g. plugging in once every few days?

Maybe, but it won’t be like a seminar where several of us tune in for the same 90 minutes each week on Wednesday. The uncoordinated asynchronous interaction of digital may naturally lead to participation that extends throughout the day. To have useful interaction, one can’t pose a question one day and then wait to get reactions a few days later.

What did I learn during the refresh of this site?

Will I blog or tweet sometimes once I assume my position at the bank at the end of September?

I don’t know. Even if I do, my use of digital media will probably continue to be bursty.