Protecting Democracy from Unchecked Political Power

I have a new post that is available on its own subdomain:

It offers a specific suggestion about a policy that the citizens of the US take change and protect their social and political discourse from the rapidly growing, unchecked power of the two ad-tech giants, Google and Facebook.

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My email to Scott Atlas

As reported in today’s New York Times, in response to a request by an intermediary, I made a last ditch attempt to explain the value of testing to WH advisor Scott Atlas in an email I sent on Sept. 21.

Predictably, it had no effect. He was already dead set on chasing herd immunity.

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Statement for House Budget Committee Hearing on Federal R&D.

My Statement for The House Budget Committee Hearing on Federal R&D on what it will take for the United States to lead the world in both basic science and technological progress.

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The Most Important Policy Decision In Our Lifetimes

A lightly edited version of this twitter thread:

In a week dominated by horrible news, there are signs that the Senate may make the right choice when it passes a new response to the pandemic this July:

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